In-store at The Runaway Mule

This is for posterity’s sake more than anything, but nonetheless, we’re doing an in-store performance this afternoon and The Runaway Mule in Downtown Nacogdoches. We’ll be playing songs off our first EP, “Imagination Vacation,” beginning at 3 p.m., and then after a short break, we’ll tackle the tunes from our new record, “Behind the Pine Curtain,” at 4 p.m.

We’ve been updating all week on Facebook, and we’ve spread the show propaganda across town. But still, we wanted to throw the poster on the website for the few of you who don’t use said social media outlet.

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Top 5s 082812

The show this weekend was good. Be on the lookout for more. Enjoy the new record, and these tunes.

Chris’ Top 5

Adam Lamar — Sometimes …

Major Lazer — Get Free

Diplo — Set it Off

Brian Eno — An Ending

Arcade Fire — Ready to Start

Adam’s Top 5

Ben Howard — Only Love

Alice in Chains — Rain When I Die

Roots Radics Band — Storming the Death Star

Tool — Lateralus

Metallica — Battery

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All the cool kids are getting them

Most EPs are under the half hour mark. While “Behind the Pine Curtain” is longer than that, it’s still just six songs. Taking that into consideration, we’re calling it a “mini LP,” and since we’re calling it that, we decided to package them in mini LP jackets. We made the discs look like records too.

They look great (thanks again to Christine for her photo), and they worked out better than we thought. So good in fact, that when the first run of “Imagination Vacation” sells out, we’ll be making mini LP jackets for the second run.

It takes a little more time to cut these, but the end result pays off by looking super pro. There might be a small tweak or two between this run and the next, but these really couldn’t have turned out better. And because I’m such a nice guy, I’m offering up the template I made to help give you a starting point if you’d like to make some mini LP jackets for your next record. You can download a PDF of the blank template here. If you’re extra fancy, drop me an email, and I can send you an InDesign document complete with guides.

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New record, new record, new record!

It’s finally here!

We’re pretty excited for you all to finally hear what we’ve been working on for the past few months. A lot of time and energy went into this project, and we’re still having to move full steam ahead throughout the rest of this week.

Digital copies can be purchased from Bandcamp, but for the moment at least, we’re not shipping any physical copies. Our buddy Tim Bryant at The Runaway Mule downtown will be able to help you get your hands on a copy after tomorrow, and we’ll have some with us Friday night at The Pineknot. The Macbooks will start streaming audio at 8:45 p.m., but we’re sharing the bill with Carlos Lampkin & Kim Foli and Darren Kobetich, so be there by 8 p.m. and catch all three sets.

We’d like to thank our friend Christine Eddings for being kind enough to let us make an album cover out of her photograph, and as always, we’d like to chastise the inkjet printers we use for making the pressing of this record extra fun.

We’ve got some more Silent Shows in the works, but if anyone of you would like to host one, please drop a message to Chris or myself.

Over the past couple of months, this has really become one of our favorite records. We’re glad it now has the chance to be the same for you.

To quote Brody Stevens, “Enjoy it!”

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Top 5s 082112

You would think that people with a new record coming out tomorrow wouldn’t have time to come up with an additional 10 tunes for you to enjoy the day before the drop. Well, anyone else you were thinking of sucks at what they do, because The Silent Sounds have you covered. We’ve got a collection of our own songs that we’re super proud of and ready for you to download & stream tomorrow. We’ve also got a live version of those songs ready for your ears if you show up to at The Pineknot on Friday, but … as always, we’ve got five songs from each of us that you’ll love, hate or be indifferent to. Whatever your flavor, enjoy these new additions to your playlist. And bring a sandwich to work tomorrow, so you can spend you lunch money on a copy of “Behind the Pine Curtain.”

Chris’ Top 5

Black Lips — Navajo

Modest Mouse — Life Like Weeds

DJ Houstoner — Beck “Loser”/Butthole Surfers “Pepper” mashup

Amon Tobin — Horsefish

williet8 — Live Dubstep Jam

Adam’s Top 5

The Sabotage Manual — Cui Bono

Mr. Chops — I Like Cereal

The Coup — Ghetto Manifesto

Tela — Rider

ESG & Slim Thug — Candy Coated Excursion (DJ Screw Remix)

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Tops 5s 081412

Yup. We forgot to post this yesterday. Our bad. I think you’ll forgive us once you’re making your way through our top 5s this today though (even more so if you happening to be in town on the 24th and hear what we were working on yesterday). Enjoy these over lunch, or save them for when you clock back in. Maybe even save them for when you get home and let our playlist “Wonder Twin powers activate” with the drink that will be in your hand.

“Form of awesome music! Form of Jack & Coke! … gleep, gleep.”

Chris’ Top 5

Bonnie “Prince” Billy — I See a Darkness

Brian Eno — Music For Airports

They Might Be Giants — She’s An Angel

Peter Schilling — Major Tom

Blondie — Call Me

Adam’s Top 5

Lowercase Noises — Skylights

Glowhouse — Eyes Like Mine

The Roots — Upper Egypt

The Smiths — Stop Me if You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

Local H — Bound for the Floor

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BtPC promo 6

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