All the cool kids are getting them

Most EPs are under the half hour mark. While “Behind the Pine Curtain” is longer than that, it’s still just six songs. Taking that into consideration, we’re calling it a “mini LP,” and since we’re calling it that, we decided to package them in mini LP jackets. We made the discs look like records too.

They look great (thanks again to Christine for her photo), and they worked out better than we thought. So good in fact, that when the first run of “Imagination Vacation” sells out, we’ll be making mini LP jackets for the second run.

It takes a little more time to cut these, but the end result pays off by looking super pro. There might be a small tweak or two between this run and the next, but these really couldn’t have turned out better. And because I’m such a nice guy, I’m offering up the template I made to help give you a starting point if you’d like to make some mini LP jackets for your next record. You can download a PDF of the blank template here. If you’re extra fancy, drop me an email, and I can send you an InDesign document complete with guides.


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we're a band from East Texas.
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