Remember when you didn’t need an engineering degree to use an inkjet printer?

Out of everything the two of us of have collectively done in our lives, getting these EPs printed might be the biggest challenge either of us has faced.

It doesn’t seem like a difficult thing — install new black cartridge, print black & white images. Well, in this modern utopia of all-in-one gadgets it’s almost impossible.

We began with an HP Photosmart Premium C309. It uses 4 cartridges for color and a separate one for black & white (or so we thought). After installing a new black cartridge, the printer still tried to use the CMYK set of cartridges, which resulted in some interesting … let’s just call them “special editions” of this first pressing.

Next we tried to buy a dedicated printer for our pressing purposes. We decided on an Epson Stylus NX300, because out of all the printers in its price range, the cartridges were the cheapest and claimed to print the most pages per cartridge. We were able to get halfway through the first run, before the initial cartridge dried up. No probelem, we had a “high capacity” replacement on standby. So a quick install and we should be back to work, right? Nope. Even though the replacement was an Epson cartridge, the Epson printer refused to “acknowledge” it. Customer support was closed and there were no solutions to be found online, so that wonderful piece of technology got taken right from whence it came.

We then procured some more black ink for a Cannon MX410 we had access to. AND … right back to the same issue we had with the HP. After a half hour or so online we were finally able to make it print only in black, but the images were so washed out that that were unusable.

We even tried using a friend’s HP Laserjet 2605. That ended up being a half hour waiting for it to turn on, having some random lines of text print out on multiple pages before we could cancel them, and then not printing any of our images.

Eventually we bit the bullet and went to Staples. After an enlightening “discussion” with the print shop manager, we thought we had finally solved the problem. And to top it off, it was only going to cost us three bucks. So thanks were given, and we headed back to basecamp to package the rest of the first run. What we didn’t learn until later was that Staples had scaled all the covers so none of the ones we’d cut fit into the cases.

So the number one priority this week is to break the gypsy printer curse that’s been placed on us and finish pressing the first run. There’s a couple more irons in the fire, so we’re confident it will get accomplished.

For the moment though, this pretty much sums up how we’re feeling.


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