New music, new video

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We played a show at The Standpipe



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It’s been a while

This is still happening right now.


We’ve got stickers and shirts with us, but no one’s asking for them. So that just means there will be more for those of you who choose to hang out with us next weekend at this.


Just a quick note — there’s a rather sizable announcement in the works for the beginning of next week, but for the few of you who see this, it wouldn’t hurt you to check out our bandcamp page.

For now … back to the rawk show!

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Shirts & Shows

ArtWalk is tomorrow. Make sure to bring your wallets so you can show your patronage to the artists and shop keepers. And if you just so happen to have an extra $10, we’ll have a limited run of one-of-a-kind shirts. And (as always) Tim will have both of our albums on sale at The Runaway Mule for $6.66.

Even if you don’t spend any money on us or anyone else, just come out and enjoy the best dose of culture you’ll find in East Texas.

Next week’s adventure will be far less rich in art & culture, but they’ll be serving drinks (and we’re not talkin ’bout sodiewaters).

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Sorry, we’ve been busy.

It’s been almost two months without an update, and we apologize. Since starting the Spotify playlists, we’ve been adding music each week. We just haven’t been updating here. So, the link in the last post to the September list will access all those tunes, and even though October’s almost over, here’s that list.

Also, we played a spooky set or two at The Runaway Mule for Scare on the Square.

And we’re not done with the Halloween fun yet. We’ll be playing a short set this weekend at Tracy & Merci’s 15th or 16th annual Halloween Celebration.

And if you’re beating yourself up for missing us at the Mule, stop. We’ll be back on Nov. 10 for Art Walk.

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spotify test

We’re trying to get with the times and use Spotify for our weekly play lists. We’re going to be setting them up as monthly playlists that we’ll be adding to each week. We’ll also be condensing all the older lists by month so you can stream them too. Although we’re learning that not everything we find on Youtube is available on Spotify. So starting with this week, here’s our September playlist.




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Top 5s 090412

Welcome to the post-Labor Day / post album release top 5 list. We hope that your holiday weekend was great. Ours was. Both album release shows (The Pineknot last weekend and an in-store at The Runaway Mule a couple of days ago) went great, and we couldn’t be more pleased … with ourselves and everything else.

But we know our audience, and we know that you didn’t come here to read any of that. You came for the videos, and here they are.

Chris’ Top 5

Black Lips — Katrina

Nirvana — Lounge Act

Sonic Youth — Teenage Riot

Liars — The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack

Flaming Lips — Knives Out

Adam’s Top 5

Macklemore — Thrift Shop

Parachute Youth — Can’t Get Better Than This

Diplo — Express Yourself

311 — Don’t Stay Home

Bad Religion — Sorrow

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